TLS Asset Managemet Sp. z o.o. is an entity specializing in the provision of services related to selected tax and financial aspects of enterprise asset management, in particular those related to:

-new investment settlements,
– effective settlement of real estate tax,
– inventorying and depreciation of fixed assets,
– determining the value of property and its individual components.

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Taking into account the many years of experience of our team members, gained on the largest investment projects in Poland, we have noticed that the area of settlements related to corporate assets usually contains significant optimization potential in terms of tax depreciation and property tax.
Due to the fact that this area is at the junction of regulations resulting from technical standards (such as Construction Law or technical conditions) and regulations of tax and accounting acts – it creates a unique subject for analysis. And it is only the skillful combination of the two legal regimes that gives wide possibilities to implement solutions increasing the effectiveness of settlements. The idea behind the creation of our company was to focus the competences acquired while working on large investment projects on the technical aspects of investments and broad tax knowledge – to be able to offer companies a specialized service aimed at increasing the efficiency of settlements in this area.


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The CHECKER VAT tool prepared by us allows for automatic verification of many contractors at the same time in order to determine: sthe status of an active VAT taxpayer, the status of registering an entity for intra-Community transactions (EU VAT). All information is...



When realizing a new investment in a company, it is worthwhile, at the stage of its design, implementation or planned completion, to analyze its individual stages from the technical, as well as tax and balance sheet aspects related to the future settlement of the investment.

Correct settlement of fixed assets created during the investment may significantly increase the effectiveness of future depreciation write-offs on the grounds of income tax and help to determine the tax base in real estate tax accordingly.

Since we have a thorough preparation in this area, we always carry out our projects based on the highest standards, applicable laws and case-law.

We often participate in the work from the very beginning of the investment process, ending with the implementation of an effective depreciation policy.


Real estate tax is inseparable from the functioning of companies and the process of managing their assets. We know from experience that the correct calculation of the tax base can lead to significant tax savings. We make a full analysis of the correctness of settlements of this tax by, among other things, full analysis of the company’s assets, including conducting local inspections, with a view to achieving possible tax savings on the basis of the provisions of the Act on Local Taxes and Fees and the Construction Law, as well as the practice of the court. While realizing a project related to real estate tax settlements, we analyze the company’s assets with regard to their technical construction, functioning and properties. Thanks to the experience gained during many projects we are able to carry out the project effectively and present possible tax savings. We take a comprehensive approach and take care of the project at every stage – from internal analysis, through the decision-making process, to the representation of clients before tax authorities and administrative courts.


xisting assets, often qualified at a time when there were no income tax laws or local taxes and charges – this is an area that often has hidden potential and where we feel very comfortable.

In this respect:

– We perform detailed reviews of the property,

– We perform analyses of qualifications of individual fixed assets,

– We analyze the effectiveness of the settlement of investment expenditures and renovation policy,

– We take part in the inventory and marking of assets,

– We prepare comprehensive procedures for asset management.

Our experience teaches us that the conclusions resulting from our projects in most cases bring additional value to the accounts of companies, either by directly optimizing them or initiating opportunities for larger restructuring processes.


Due to our specialization in analyzing the possibilities of increasing the effectiveness of settlements related to real estate – we are aware that the proper determination of the value of particular elements may be of fundamental importance. Therefore, as part of our services, we also offer property valuations in particular:

  • property valuations,

  • Machine and equipment valuations,
  • building element pricing,
  • valuations of initial fixed assets.

Additionally, we carry out company valuations, limited property rights for the purpose of securing bank claims, property insurance, leasing and financial statements.

Thanks to a comprehensive market analysis, significant experience and detailed knowledge of company assets, our approach enables us to significantly increase the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.


Taking into account the narrow nature of our services, it often becomes necessary to use specialist engineering services including in particular:
– preparation of expert opinions and building opinions,
– making a technical qualification of the assets,
– performing professional measurements of the usable area.
At TLS-AM we cooperate on a permanent basis with high-class specialists from the construction industry as well as specialists in the technical qualification of machines and equipment.
In the course of our projects, we often encounter situations in which certain adopted processes do not always favour an effective flow of information.
We create and implement IT solutions that support users in their daily business operations. Our tools are the answer to identified difficulties and always address specific problems and issues.


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